Tyndall Air Force Base Gets First BF80.3 Crusher Bucket


Air Force Base Ready to Crush

The BF80.3 crusher bucket was a new addition to the crushing line in 2015. By mid-2015, MB America received its first BF80.3 at its facility, which was sold to Tyndall Air Force Base shortly after its arrival.

The US Air Force Civilian Engineer Center at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida purchased the crusher bucket to use for research and development testing for its Airfield Damage Repair (ADR) mission modernization program. The testing includes crushing on-site materials to refill and repair runway craters.

“Before the US Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) purchased the BF80.3, their ADR process consisted of buying and hauling crushed aggregate for crater repair and then hauling off excess material to a stockpile that they contracted out to dispose of every five years or so,” said Micah Gill, Government Accounts Sales Manager at MB America. “They believed that after testing, the BF80.3 will save time and resources by eliminating the need to buy crushed aggregate and also by eliminating the need to contract out the crushing and disposal of their stockpile.”

The MB product line continues to expand since the corporation began in 2001. The BF80.3 was added as a crusher bucket to accommodate medium-sized jobs for excavators weighing over 40,700 pounds. It has an adjustable output from 5-inch to 3/4-inch with a productivity range of 45 cubic yards per hour (roughly 67 tons per hour) to 13 cubic yards per hour (roughly 19 tons per hour), respectively.

“The BF80.3 crusher bucket, along with our other new products, were designed for a wide range of work. We wanted to include as many jobs and projects our customers may be doing,” said Max Ravazzolo, C.E.O. of MB America. “You cannot be flexible and versatile if you limit people to what you have to offer. We expand our product line to work with our customers’ needs.”

Tyndall Air Force Base will have its testing on July 6 and 7, 2016. Federal officials are invited to attend. Please RSVP by contacting MB America at 855-MB-CRUSH (855-622-7874).

Federal customers can purchase MB’s products through the GSA Advantage! catalog at http://bit.ly/mbgsagov or through its contract number, GS-30F-007DA.